How Do You Define Oilfield Accident Attorney ?

What does a lawyer do for an oilfield accident? As such, this definition is very difficult to surpass.

You may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim if your injury occurred at work. According to many metrics, oil industry workers in the US have the highest injury rates, according studies.

One of the few firms willing to handle this kind of complicated litigation across the United States is Schmidt & Clark, LLP, which is committed to defending the rights of American oilfield workers. You can seek help from lawyers who truly care if you are aware of the complexities and challenges of multi-party litigation and the generally complex nature of oilfield accidents.

The skilled oilfield accident lawyers at Roberts & Roberts, who focus on oilfield accidents, are the ones you want on your side if you have been seriously injured in a Texas oilfield accident. Workers exposed to crude oil and pure gasoline are at risk of severe accidents. Serious injuries may be a result of this.

A variety of injuries can result from an oilfield incident. Working with oil and gasoline generates enormous pressure, and employees also have to deal with heavy machinery that might easily result in a major disaster. Oilfield accidents can cause serious or fatal injuries.

When oilfield workers use these chemicals without the required safety equipment, illness, burns, and even death may follow.

According to NIOSH, the reason for increases in the death and injury rates during drilling booms may be due to the presence of more inexperienced workers on the job site, the fact that everyone works longer shifts with fewer days off, and the fact that businesses use all available rigs, including older ones with less safety equipment.

Oilfields should have safety signs, warnings, and instructions posted in easily seen places and in a language that employees can understand.

Severe burns (including chemical burns), amputations, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spinal cord injuries, lung injuries, lacerations and abrasions, soft tissue injuries, crush injuries, and paralysis are among the most frequent injuries from oilfield accidents. On damp surfaces, many employees trip, and fall, and depending on their health and age, these mishaps may necessitate hospitalization.

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Oil and fuel workers have suffered serious injuries, which are defined as those that require hospitalization or result in the loss of a body half, including everything from severe burns from explosions to broken hips from falling in the office lobby. 40% of the 663 fatal injuries to oilfield workers reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) occurred in Texas.

The number of deaths reported in 2012 in Texas alone was 65, which is a 10-year high. According to the CDC, between 2003 and 2013, 1,189 oil and gasoline extraction workers lost their lives while performing their jobs. This equates to an annual average of 108 deaths and an occupational fatality rate of 25 deaths per 100,000 workers.

A victim cannot consume only one oil. one gasoline company. In order to ensure that victims receive the compensation they need and deserve, a knowledgeable oilfield accident attorney may be able to hold the responsible parties accountable. We battle tenaciously to hold oil and gas firms accountable since we are aware of their attempts to downplay claims in order to reduce payouts.

The oil spill-related injuries of the workers were transported by helicopter to a hospital for medical attention. If the accident was caused by both your employer and a third party, you might be able to file both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury claim in some cases.

A third person is deemed to have caused your oilfield accident if they weren’t your employer, another employee, or you. Whether your accident resulted from the negligence of your employer or that of a third party, such as an independent contractor or subcontractor, we will represent you.

Your own shrewd oilfield accident attorney can turn the tables of liability back on the negligent employer or third party. Insurance companies are very skilled, and their attorneys are very cunning when it comes to preventing your claim or civil case. Employers typically are not required to carry worker’s compensation insurance in the majority of states.

We work on a contingency fee basis and provide free consultations, so you owe us nothing for assisting you in obtaining compensation. For employment, the employer has a set work schedule. This implies that you won’t receive any benefits if your employer doesn’t carry workers’ compensation insurance.

This indicates that the employer is not required by law to offer any kind of compensation to workers who sustain injuries while doing their duties. Even if they do have this kind of insurance, it might not completely satisfy your needs. Remember that your health comes first even if you don’t believe you’ve sustained any serious injuries.

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